General Information

The Calgary Stampede operates and controls all parking facilities on site.  A paid parking system is operated at the prevailing rate for all events. Overnight parking on Stampede Park is permitted in the case of incapacitated drivers, and oversized vehicles will be charged according to the number of spaces they require.


Park Access

There are three main entrances onto Stampede Park:

  1. South Entrance located at 25th Ave and 4th Street SE. This entrance is for the general public.
  2. North Entrance located at Olympic Way and 14 Ave. SE. This entrance is for the general public.
  3. 3A Street Gate located between Olympic Way and 3rd Street on 13th Ave. SE. This entrance is only for trade and consumer show exhibitors.

Parking for BMO Centre meeting and function venues can be accessed from 12th Avenue at 3rd Street (Lots 10 and 11). This entrance does not provide vehicle access to Stampede Park, and is open during event hours. Parking fees are in effect.

Parking Services

All parking lots are well lit and monitored with Closed Circuit TVs. During major event lots are manned with parking attendants, parking supervisors and a controller located at an aerial advantage point. Stampede Park is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by Park Patrol members who will respond to emergencies and security incidents.

Stampede Express Trolley Service

The Stampede Express Trolley provides a free shuttle service from parking lots to buildings during major event times. Please contact your Event Coordinator for more information.

Patron Vehicle Assistance Program

The following services are available to patrons and are included in the cost of your parking fee:

  • Lock De-icing
  • Emergency Vehicle Relocation (On-site)
  • Complementary coffee for patron while waiting
  • Park maps to assist patron in finding building of the event they are attending
  • Personal Escort patrons and staff to vehicles if they feel unsafe
  • CCTV Escort patrons and staff to vehicles if they feel unsafe. (monitor by camera from building to car)

Please call 403-261-0224 when requesting CCTV Escort or Personal Escort; or to request other Patron Vehicle Assistance services.